What Papers Required For Filing Bankruptcy?

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These are the most question asked from our clients when they come for initial consultation and we answer it regularly. Now, we like to answer all these questions in this post for ready reference. As you may know, a law office is not a typing service which can print various names and fill in the blank. In our law office, we take care of our clients from beginning to end and of course until their bankruptcy is discharged. Today, we are going to discuss the forms which are usually filed in bankruptcy cases.

A bankruptcy case is started by filing several documents at once. This brings an automatic stay. We have dealt separately with automatic stay which is a very powerful tool when you file bankruptcy.

– The voluntary petition which actually starts the case.
– A statement of the debtor social security number. Of course, the full number is coded and only last four digits are shown.
– A list and names of all creditors and their addresses. Sometimes, it is called as “matrix”.
– A certification that debtor received credit counseling.
– The debtor’s statement of financial affairs and schedules; and
– A statement of current monthly income.

These are not the only steps and documents which needs to be furnished and filed, but there are other documents also.

– The means test calculation
– A statement of intention with respect to personal property securing consumer debts or personal property leases.
– Any payment advises the debtor received in the sixty days.
– A disclosure of attorney fees paid.

The same or similar documents are required in chapter 13.

– The petition;
– A statement of the debtor’s social security number.
– A list of names and addresses for all creditors and certain other entities:
– A certification that the debtor received credit counseling;
– the debtor’s statement of financial affairs and schedules, and;
– A statement of current monthly income and commitment period.
Other documents which are required:
– A calculation of disposable income;
– Any payment advices the debtor received in the sixty days before filing the petition;
– the chapter 13 plan; and
– The attorney fee disclosure

Documents in both chapter 7 and chapter 13 are identical. However, a statement of intention is not filed in chapter 13. Sometimes, the local rules may require additional filing of papers. A plan which is peculiar to various demands of trustees should be filed. Individual trustees insists on filing based on their own templates.

Fees:The initial fee for chapter 7 is $306 and for chapter 13 is $306 in Nevada. (please check court for latest upward revision.) If the debtor cannot pay all of the fees, an installment plan of payments can be made with the court.


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