Does Bankruptcy Discharges Judgement Entered Against You?

The good thing is that in both Chapter7 and Chapter 13, the discharge automatically voids any judgment entered against you. However, it is a good practice to send a copy of the bankruptcy to any attorney whose name you find on the litigation papers. They are duty bound to stop all and any collections in this regard. The timing of the judgement is unimportant if it is obtained prior to bankruptcy and filed only immediately to the filing of bankruptcy.The provision voiding judgments is self-effectuating, and no further action is required by the debtor with respect to judgement already entered. This voidness of the judgement extends only to the debtor’s personal liability to pay the judgment. However, if the judgment is entered as a lien, the lien would be unaffected. The lien would probably stay but the financial liability shall be extinguished. As usual, it is a good idea to consult with a Nevada licensed attorney.


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