Can a bankruptcy be filed in one hour?

[The Law office of Malik W. Ahmad provides free bankruptcy consultation to all of our clients at this time. An immediate request can be made by calling (702) 270-9100. Most of the time, same day bankruptcy appointments can be made with our law office.]

Can You File Bankruptcy In Just One Hour?
A simple answer is yes, you can. However, the lengthy answer is still yes if you have all the pertinent documents available and a willing and knowledgeable attorney to help you. As we had suggested and wrote earlier, each bankruptcy entails an automatic stay and is required in many cases to stop eviction, foreclosure, or repossession or other such emergencies. Our office has filed bankruptcy few times in less than one hour. In one time, we had to prepare bankruptcy at 12 PM, while the foreclosure auction was supposed to happened at 1PM. We had to file and then struggle through the traffic to go the auctioneer’s office at down to serve the papers and stop the foreclosure.

We advise if you bring all the paperwork ready, we can file bankruptcy on the same day. What paperwork are required:

– 2011 tax return
– Income documents i.e. pay stubbs
– All collections letters
– Certificate of financial affairs, if you don’t have it, no big deal we can get it same day.
– Copy of your driver license
– Copy of your social security card
– Mortgage papers
– Car loan vouchers or payment record

What is a skeletel bankruptcy?
The bankruptcy code can allow a debtor to simply file only three pages. It is kind of a skeletal bankruptcy. A full bankruptcy may have close to 100 pages, and in this emergency only 3 pages are required to be filed. You can also convince the judge a certificate of counseling was filed right after the filing of this petition and could not filed owing to an emergency.

What is a 3-page filing?
A debtor can commence a case by filing only the three page filing as we mentioned earlier. A statement that the creditor counseling or requested a waiver or deferral of the counseling requirements and a list and names of all creditors and certain other entities. After these few documents are filed, the rules require that the remainder of the usual forms be filed within 14 days. This deadline is also extendable on good cause shown. If the remainder of the documents are not filed, the case can be dismissed. Generally speaking , such a dismissal is without prejudice.


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