What is a chapter 7 fresh start?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will immediately stop the garnishment process in whatever stage it is in and legally eliminate the debt. The benefits of this approach:
– Immediate court protection with a mandatory stay order;
– Legal elimination or discharge for ALL unsecured debt obligations such as credit card bills, medical bills, personal loans, loan and repossession deficiencies, etc.
– Chapter 13, Debt Consolidation
– Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will also put an immediate stop to a garnishment. The purpose of this program is to:
Consolidate debts into one affordable payment.
This would –
– Prioritize debts to make sure the most important things get paid first (mortgage, vehicle, living expenses, etc.) before worrying about payments to unsecured creditors such as judgments, credit cards, second mortgages, medical bills, personal loans, etc.
– Pay what you can, eliminate the rest.
– The Chapter 13 plan only requires that you make your “best efforts” to pay back your unsecured debts, the rest is legally eliminated at the end of the 36 – 60 month repayment plan. We propose the budget to the court based on your actual expenses.
– The plan is customized to your circumstances and can be adjusted throughout the program.
– 0% interest on repayment of any unsecured debts.

– Legal protection from creditors and any creditor actions such as home foreclosure, vehicle repossession, etc.
– Opportunity to remove a second mortgage or home equity loan to reduce overall mortgage debt and/or reduce the principal mortgage balance owed on a rental property.
– Work towards improved credit by:
– Reducing principal debt to improve your debt-to-income ratio or leverage;
– Resuming consistent and timely payments to your creditors;
– Stop late reports to the credit reporting agency via court protection.
Of Course, We Can Help
This is fixable and we are here to help. Better yet, if you have already had money withheld or even turned over to your creditor in excess of $600.00 within the last 90 days, we can get the funds back for you. The Law Office of Malik W. Ahmad is experienced litigator and very familiar with all of the above. We would not charge you for a free consultation. Just call us and request a free consultation. Of course, we would like to meet you, and you like to meet us.


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