Building Credit After Bankruptcy

I have been asked this question many times and I have answered it also but still it is a dominant question all the time. Nearly all people who go through a bankruptcy are told by their lawyer that their credit report will take care of itself and there’s nothing they need to do about it–no credit repair, nothing. In actuality, one keeps on getting many credit cards offers soon after declaring bankruptcy. However, it is perfectly okay not to have any credit card. Afterall, you had miserable time while you were having and using your credit cards before filing bankruptcy. You should say good riddance! But we need to fly and for emergency purposes needs at least one credit card in our wallet. One can always start by getting a secured credit card.

You can send letters to various credit bureaus and tell them of the mistakes or just non deletion of your account in their credit reports. Your credit bureaus may report this for verification to your lenders. Most of them would be disinterested in even replying to this because they have nothing to collect from you. Your credit bureaus may after some time would fix these mistakes and you would have clean reports.


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