Filing bankruptcy should not be embarassing at all

Bankruptcy is not for everyone but if you are already there what is wrong with doing bankruptcy? You cannot live like ostriches and bury your head in sand. Your home has been foreclosed, and you are swimming in both secured and unsecured debts, and your phone is ringing continuously and collectors are threatening you and leaving all kinds of messages. You have to sit down and seriously think about filing bankruptcy. Nothing to be ashamed of it: it is a federal remedy and it is available when your liabilities exceed much higher you’re your assets. We all know that bankruptcy is a tough pill to swallow and it is not for all and sundry but it is an effective remedy and it is a panacea for many multiple ills of mismanagement of some very stupid financial mistakes. So let us gather our strength and see if you qualify for bankruptcy. A call would not hurt, and call us at our number (702) 270-9100 and make an appointment. Attorney Malik Ahmad would not hesitate to give you a free advice and answer all the pertinent questions.
It is too late to understand how you got into trouble in the first place? You can always contemplate upon these matters in some other part of your life. Right now you need to pick up the pieces and start doing things afresh. Yes, that should be the approach. Maybe it is because your credit card folks raised the interest rate. Maybe you missed one or two payments, and then became adamant not to pay them. First, it is critical to understand when you really got into trouble. It wasn’t when the layoff happened and you could not make the minimum payments anymore. It was not when the mortgage company issued the foreclosure notice.
It was probably the day you started carrying debt for short-term expenses without being able to easily pay it off from income or savings quickly. It was the day you couldn’t pay off the credit cards in full quickly — without borrowing from somewhere else. Obviously borrowing money you can’t payoff quickly is reasonable in some situations. Buying a home or a long-term asset like a car often require long-term debt you can’t pay off next week or next month. But when you are buying your basic needs, like groceries, or clothing, on credit and not paying it in full each month, then it ought to be obvious you are not breaking even. It could be possible that you were co creditor, or co signor on some of your dear one, possibly son or daughter, and you liked to oblige her/him and conveying the message how good you are. Well compassion can go so far? It is time to pick up the pieces and start getting back your life. Bankruptcy after all is a federal right, and nothing to be ashamed of. At least you can pick up the phone and make the first contact toward filing bankruptcy.


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