So your attorney asked you for paperwork. How to work diligently with your attorney?

How to work diligently with your bankruptcy attorney. It is difficult to find good bankruptcy attorneys. Most of them are very busy, and have no time for you, and even if they find time for you, you may understand and build a relationship with you because you would not understand what they are asking or they find time to explain the complex paperwork in simpler, more understandable ways. So you are frustrated. Equally, your attorney may be frustrated in more than one ways. He had asked you and given you a list, and you are either lazy, or just could not give him all the paperwork. Well, how do you keep that good working relationship through the course of your bankruptcy case? Here, our main concern that we would focus on things that are particularly relevant to bankruptcy cases, rather than lecture you about things you should have learned in kindergarten. Here are a few basic rules about how to keep up that relationship and stay on your bankruptcy lawyer’s good side. First, of course, the bankruptcy process is paper intensive, and the paperwork can be burdensome not only for the clients but also for the attorneys and his staff. Again, most of the time, our frustration with the client centers round the non supply of paperwork to us and which is handicapping our filings. Please pay attention to what your attorney needs from you. If you have forms to fill out, fill them out completely. If the answer to the question is “none,” write that down. If it doesn’t apply to you, write that down, too. Don’t leave forms blank. If you are asked to finish the debt management and financial counseling classes, please do it as early as possible. If you are asked to provide the documents, please supply them as soon as possible. Our office, invariably, demands the following documents from our clients: – Paystubs for 60 days – Bank statement for the last 4 months – Tax return for both 09 and 09 years. Oh yeah, we need all the papers, that includes the last page also. – Trustee questionnaire to be filled out completely. – Copies of driver license and social security card – You counseling certificates. Of course we provide the links for these classes. We ask you all these paperwork the court or the trustee require it. They are your documents, and you need to invest the time in collecting them. Also, one more thing, please do not ask us to make copies, as we are busy. You make the copies, and give us the copies because it is easier to send copies. We prefer to get all these at one times. I also like to state one more thing. If we send you email, please reply via email. No need to call us and tell us that you are replying because we send you email. A phone call is okay, but too many jams our systems and burdens our communications lines. Read absolutely everything your lawyer sends you. If she thought it was important enough to write it down to send to you, it is important for you to read. It may be as simple as directions to the courthouse where your hearing will be held, or it may tell you how what you need to do to get the relief you wanted. It may even tell you what will happen if you don’t do the things you are supposed to do. Filing bankruptcy can be a stressful process, and your attorney understands that, and wants to make it as simple and painless for you as possible. it is painful process where lots of intrusion is made into your private life and the life of your loved ones. Lots of intrusive questions are asked and answered by you. Also, all of these things become part of the public record. Well, at this time, it is the only choice, and you had chosen filing bankruptcy after much hesitation and patience, and you are ready to face the music. It is time for you to step forward and cooperate with your attorney so that and equitable solutions can be done by the bankruptcy and you get your desired result of discharging your debts from bankruptcy.


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