Should you dress to impress in 341 Meeting?

We all know that the 341 meeting is perhaps the only meeting conducted between the trustee, creditors and the petitioners. I have been asked many times by my clients how to dress in trustee’s meeting. For sure, no tank top, no shorts, it is the standard practice. I have seen my client wearing three-piece suit and a necktie. Of course, this looks real dandy and “dress to impress” image is created. This, afterall is a meeting where you are showing you are broke, has no money and all the creditors are looking for you. You want to convey a message that can be misinterpreted.

As we know, the trustee is not a judge, and the meeting is intended to be a regular kind of meeting but you still should wear dress according to the dress code commonly enforced in our judicial system. We suggest that the best advice is to dress in a business casual manner. For men this means long pants and a collared long or short sleeved shirt. For women long pants or skirt, and a modest top that covers the shoulders. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, short skirts, flip-flops, and revealing clothing are not appropriate. Same thing applies to your hair as they be neatly should be neatly trimmed. You are conveying a poverty stricken image through your schedules, and trustee are good in finding everything from your schedules. I remember one of my client was watching an expensive watch which we did not declare in his schedule. Even though this was not a flashy watch but trustee recognized this as an expensive watch. We had to change the schedules to add this watch. The vast majority of bankruptcy meetings are quick and uneventful. Make sure you are not causing questions from the trustee by your appearance or by personal items brought to the meeting. The goal is to have no one notice you or remember you case. Please contact us for any other questions, if you may have regarding bankruptcy.


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