You have been sued by a debt collector–Now what

Bad news. You have been sued by a debt collection agency, a lender or an attorney. What shall you do? First, no need to be panicked. Just preserve all the paperwork and either contact your favorite attorney or just call us at (702) 270-9100. We are experienced in this kind of work, and know what to do and what steps to take. For the sake of this writing, we assume that previously you have been contacted many times, and you just chose to ignore all phone calls and did not bother to even opening your letters.

The lawsuit is filed.

Find out the copy of the summons. This must be a Las Vegas Court. Find out if this is Justice Court or Clark County District Court. The justice court can adjudicate money matters up to $10,000 and the Clark County can adjudicate money matters above $10,000. The basic distinction is the jurisdictional matters, which creates their separate existence.

You are served. You are served with a summon and complaint. There is nothing much written in the complaint other than the fact that you have been sued, and you need to file your reply called an Answer in legal lingo, within 20 days.

Call your favorite attorney, if you have one. If not, call us. We are informed, and knowledgeable attorney in these kinds of cases and can quickly help you. However, there is no quick guarantee because the time is limited and these cases are complex.


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